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Tweaking my feed

post-Bloggercon, I’m trying to use an aggregator a bit more. In Bloglines, I see that the feed is a partial snippet of contents, not the whole thing. Scoble says “whole feed or else!” so I think I’m gonna figure out how to change it. Or at least experiment with how a full text feed would […]

Hewn and Hammered

Hewn and Hammered is a collaborative weblog dedicated to any and all aspects of Craftsman, Mission, Prairie and related architectural and design styles (form the about statement) [via Rebecca’s Pocket]


How to say Happy Birthday in a bizillion different languages. (the title is Basque) This one’s for you, Tom Also: happy birthday fun facts. Snopes: Happy birthday we’ll sue.

Some stuff about Gonzales

Now that Ashcroft has resigned, I wonder—who will replace him, and will it be better or worse? Today’s news: that Bush names Alberto Gonzales as his attorney general. So, a googling I go. Gonzales doesn’t have good googlejuice, alas. John Dean on Gonzales’ Texas execution memos. (Do we execute or grant clemency?) Gonzales didn’t apprise […]