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Now using Firefox 1.0 (er, RC2)

Thanks to Alan in comments who asked if I was using RC2. Couldn’t find it. Then did a search, and got the URL where I could FTP it. Downloaded. Installed. Not been using it enough to get it to that crash-point yet. But one thing I noticed right off. Clicking a link that opens up […]

Firefox 0.9 forever!

Firefox is going to release 1.0 tomorrow. I’m probably not going to use it, if it’s the same as the Final Candidate version I just downloaded [*] something about to see if they’d fixed the problem that cropped up in 0.10 and the Preview Release. Much as I love the find in page feature, I’m […]

the Making Money session (and overload, too)

I didn’t attend the Making Money session at Bloggercon. (It ran opposite the much smaller and, I think, ultimately more satisfying Emotional Life of Weblogs session) Afterwards, a couple of people told me how the “don’t make money! make links! Get whuffie momentum in your life, build conversations and the money will follow!” points and […]