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Cassini: Nature’s Canvas

The beauty of Saturn’s rings:NASA – Nature’s Canvas From the description of the image: In a splendid portrait created by light and gravity, Saturn’s lonely moon Mimas is seen against the cool, blue-streaked backdrop of Saturn’s northern hemisphere. Delicate shadows cast by the rings arc gracefully across the planet, fading into darkness on Saturn’s night […]

Fear of Flying (and traffic jams)

Geez. Between headline news about pat-down searches state-sponsored groping, the news that smiling for passport pictures is verboten, and RFID chips that will beam your passport info up to 30 feet away, I’ll stick to driving. [via Q Daily News] (The searches news makes me paranoid. Maybe I should wear a tin-foil hat. No, I […]

Three Hundred Sols And Counting reminds us that Spirit is still going, going, going: Woo-hoo! Three Hundred Sols And Counting. That’s the spirit!

Thanksgiving Family Geekery

While catching up on post-Thanksgiving blog reading, I got this hare-brained idea to list all the geek tools I used or witnessed at the Big Family Gathering at my brother’s house in the Las Vegas area. It’s a fitting follow up to my earlier post about the Tech Support Generation and Fixing Family Computers for […]

¡Como Comí!

That’s spanish for “Oh, I ate so much!” …the phrase mi cuñada (sister in law) uses for times such as these. Big gathering with everyone, my brother (the foodie) cooking, and Doc M and I tried out a new pumpkin pie recipe thanks to Cook’s Illustrated. It was a success. Hope your thanksgiving was as […]


Because you might need it: Turkey Help from the editors of Cook’s Illustrated.