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From the IT Kitchen: ICANN, privacy and common sense

A post at the IT Kitchen by Shelley Powers of Burningbird: ICANN: Enabling the Stalker. As a blogger, you post a bit about yourself here and there, and with a registered domain name that ICANN insists—insists I tell you! — includes your address and phone number, if a stalker wants to go after you, the […]

Total lunar eclipse tonight (if it’s clear)

Was just reminded of this: Total Lunar Eclipse tonight. [via Transterrestrial]. Local forecast: rain/partly cloudy. Hope it’s clearer wherever you are. update: raining. yep, there’s an eclipse all right. Can’t see the sky above those clouds.

Titan fly by

The news out of JPL today is that Cassini flew close to Titan (one of Saturn’s moons) and took pictures (this thumbnail is a false-color of the images captured and beamed back to earth from the spacecraft last night/early this morning. There was a NASA TV event/press briefing and all this morning at 9am. JPL’s […]

Turnin’ into a pumpkin

In the last day and a half, I’ve been blissing out on Pumpkin soup, thanks to an adaptation of a butternut squash soup recipe from Cook’s Illustrated (In a stock pot, sauté shallots in butter, then add pumpkin seeds n string and sauté. Add water and bring to boil, then turn heat down, insert steamer […]

The Old Fire, one year later

At, a look back at the San Bernardino Mountain fire a year ago. Last year, fire watch. Right now: storm watch.

Wi Fi wisdom

When guests are staying at one’s house condo, surfing the net and working via wi-fi connection in the wi-fi ghetto that is my neighborhood, be sure that guest is connected to *my* connection and not the neighbor’s wide-open linksys before attempting (for the umpteenth time) to print document. Now that she’s connected to me, it’s […]