The terrorists have won

I’m shutting down comments for a while. Those damn comment spammers are getting to me. Sure, I’ve managed to filter things so that they’re all caught and not displayed, but each one results in an email (which I could, I suppose, stop myself from getting). That means that I’ve gotten around 150 today. And this is not a heavily commented site. At all.

Man, oh man. Just when I get a handle on junk mail (create email accounts for all the incoming spam, and send all email to that address to the bit bucket), just when I decide that I’m gonna get rid of my dedicated fax line, and not pay for a second fone line that I do not use, nor do I even keep the fax machine on, because I decide that one of my economic purposes in life is not to buy that heat-activated fax paper to receive love notes from people trying to sell me Disney vacations, stock sales or other bullshit offers in their illegal dealings, just when I think it’s getting better, those those those feckin’ ijjits who deserve a slow and painful singeful death by being tied to the ground under which a slow (floooop!) drip of earth magma that makes them scream with each drop, crusting up their skin, curling their toes, and giving them long painful waits between drips to think about their spamful, sinful ways.

For the four people who feel that this weblog is worth commenting on. Sorry.

The goddammned terrorists have won.

UPDATE, through gritted teeth. Nope. Turning off comments is not so simple as one click in a little box (comments: off). As they say in blogland, developing…..