I guess that I gotta do some more messing around in WP

Sigh. razzum frazzum. All this spammercode stuff. Razzum. I guess that, once the comment spam rate got to be over 150 per day, my previous plans for today just weren’t as important.

one WP comment thread re hacks. Something something mumble mumble re: referers and a certain comment page. disable. wot’s it all mean? Can I just copy and paste or do I (shudder) have to understand the code first?

Something I wanted to do anyhow: put in that nifty comment preview code, mentioned here. Which both lets you preview as you type your comment (cool for the few commenters that I get), and strangely enough, prevents the spammers. Oh really? Might be worth a try. Nope, this wasn’t the preview as you go, but gives you a preview button to see what your comments are.

Okay. I’ll try it. Clear out the spam, turn comments back on for the rest of the site, and see what happens.