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“Disingenuous” says RNC chair

Disingenous! I love that word! That’s a fightin word. Mudslinging word for polite company. That’s the word of Mr. Ed Gillespie, Republican National Chairman about this DNC’s hullabaloo reaction, this tut-tut now, what’s the fuss, this froo-frah, this so-called voter fraud thang that those reactionary Democrats are getting all bent outta shape over. All the […]

Sproul Associates’ Voter Registration paid for by Republican Party

Okay. So. Sproul and Associates are being funded by the Republican Party to conduct Voter Registration, according to Open‘s list of Republican Party Expenditures for 2004. Scroll down to the sp section of the S part of the alphabet. There are two line items, which I reproduce here: Sproul & Associates $125,058 10 SPROUL […]

How I love TiVo

How I love TiVo (it isn’t even mine; it’s Doc M’s as I’m one of those wacky TeeVee less peeps) which can record the debate, for later viewing, because 6pm today was just not the time to watch—or listen. Bonus: Trying to keep in a news blackout until I watch the debate may mean that […]

AP – Elections: E-voting machine crash deepens concerns

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: AP – Elections: E-voting machine crash deepens concerns WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A computer crash that forced a pre-election test of electronic voting machines to be postponed was trumpeted by critics as proof of the balloting technology’s unreliability. Incidentally, I found out that L.A. County is not doing electronic voting (as I’d […]

More news re: fraud, the Phoenix angle

So I looked up google news on voter registration fraud, and see that the group that’s doing it is Sproul Associates, run by Nathan Sproul. Phoenix. (Whaddaya wanna bet that Nathan is at the debate right now?). So I called the Arizona Republic’s news desk, and said, “I’m calling from CA; I get my news […]

Time for a little political fisticuffs

Forget all the hopeful, cheery, “come all ye, we’ll rev you up to participate in the democratic process” attitude. I think it’s time that we as Americans got downright nasty. Fight mean. Lie. Lie about our side. Lie about the other side. And in town hall meetings, ask the candidates, point blank to lie. Come […]