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How do you drive a Sim crazy?

Put two of ’em in a doorless, windowless room, watch him pee in a corner. Or something like that. [via boingBoing]

Fun with Windows Media Player

Thanks to a friend, I came across, a site that apparently posts wacky videos in Windows Media Formats. The emailed link: Jet plane, travelling at 500 MPH, crashes into concrete wall designed to withstand nuclear blast. And another: What the parking garage security camera caught — a couple making out, and what happened.

Okrent vs Schwenk

There’s been a big hullaballoo over NYT’s Omnibudsman Daniel Okrent’s column about the bias in news coverage of the campaign, in which he closes by naming Name, City Lived In a person who sent a hot-headed letter to the Times. Blogosphere backstory: Jeff Jarvis: first post, second post. Chris Nolan (who interviewed the person after […]