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‘Mad as Zell’ to open Anger Management Center

Zell Miller to open the Republican Anger Management Counseling Center Unconfirmed sources report that the infamous Zell Miller has opened the Zell Miller Center for Republican Anger Management. The center located in Miller’s home district will help people deal with feelings of intense anger at, and loathing of Democrats. Miller, who was recently diagnosed with […]

Word Press 1.2.1 released

Announced sometime today. I’ll have to get a round tuit and see what’s involved in updating. And then do so.

Nobel Day at Betsy Devine’s house

Wow! Betsy Devine’s husband—Frank Wilczek— wins the Nobel Prize in physics! And she blogs all about it. First post, Second Post, Third Post. Congratulations!!

sounds good to me

I’ve mentioned the Quiet American site here once before, but in light of all the podcasting stuff, another mention is worthwhile. The site is run by Aaron Ximm, and it consists of audio portraits—recorded using binaural microphones—that’s two microphones attached to the head near the ears. To someone else observing him, it looks like headphones. […]

Government of the Gated Community

Charles Bowden, the writer of this Tucson Daily Star editorial, went to school with my uncle. I learned of it from the forwarded forwarded email. So, in the interest of efficiency, I’m forwarding it to you via this blog. So what is so special about this election at this moment? Fear. We’ve lost our way. […]

The new new new new (tiring) thing

At, a protest against novelty overload [via Scripting News] while attending Web 2.0. “The sheer amount of supposed novelty being blasted at the audience is exhausting”. One great thing about blogs is that, between the “here’s the non-NDA’d stuff we can report” of that Microsoft search thang, and notes from Gnomedex and now notes […]