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Ev moves on

Ev of Blogger is moving on. So long and good luck and all that. [via PhotoMatt]

Bruce Schneier has a blog.

Bruce Schneier, security expert, has a blog. [via Political Animal] In his most recent post, Does Big Brother want to watch, he discusses the future of passports. He talks about WTF a chip called RFID is, and why it’s a bad idea. Unfortunately, RFID chips can be read by any reader, not just the ones […]

Make sure you’re not part of the problem

Liz Lawley is one of many at some hush-hush NDA‘d thing at Microsoft (seemingly about search). She’s got a funny observation about the wireless network at the hotel where all the outta towners are being put up. But when we returned this evening, [the wireless connection] was awful again. I called the front desk and […]

Watching Ansari Flight X2 on the web

At is a live, streaming media (Windows Media) presentation. You can go back and see it later, too. I’ve seen about half of the first flight from there. Last night we watched the Discovery Channel show on WhiteKnight and SpaceShipOne: Black Sky: The Race For Space. It looks as though it’ll be repeated again, […]

Supreme Court not going to hear Telemarketer’s appeal of Do Not Call list

Hhhhhooooooooooorrrraaaayyyyyyy!!! The Supreme Court rejected an appeal from telemarketers who seek to get the Do Not Call list overturned. [via Dangerousmeta] A cause for rejoicing. The fine for infractions: $11,000.