WordPress and pictures

Well, it took me long enough to delve into WordPress’s picture mode. I like the way that a post can be broken up into multiple pages. The total count of the Ansari X Prize photo gallery was 29 or 30 pictures (I added another one today). Ususally because of bandwidth I keep ’em small– maximum size 300 pixels on the longer dimension. Now that I can portion ’em out to separate pages, I’ll probably increase the image size. For those of you who like Wine Country photos, that’s a good thing. Cause those pix are next.

3 responses to “WordPress and pictures”

  1. Dave

    Which plug-in are you using?

  2. Susan Kitchens

    None, yet. I just (finally) figured out how to activate the upload link, somewhere in the Options in the WP control panels. So I’m uploading pictures and then posting them. Are you using WP Plugins? I’m looking for advice. (Or did you ask because you’re in the same boat?)

  3. Dave

    I’m in the same boat, but further behind.