Audblogging: crumbs in your keyboard

Al Hawkins has a list of rules for audio blogging. Number 1 is hilarious. (long story short, take your decongestant). I’ll tack one more to his list.

Thou shalt not eat while audioblogging.

I dunno…. I just can’t listen past the preliminary pistachio munch to whatever follows. Not when the recording is deliberately created for web distribution.

Recently, I’ve been digitizing cassette recordings I made of my grandfather (recorded during the visit for his 100th birthday). I easily tolerate the chewing punctuation in an audio recording of a hundred-year-old man at the dining table. But munch-recorded-for-the-web? It’s signal to noise: the eating noise destroys any chance of me hearing any discussion signal.

That being said, I find the whole podcasting thread/trend very compelling. It’s early days yet; the audbloggers are finding their way. The sooner that “no eating” gets accepted into the etiquette lexicon, the better.

Hmmm… If email and blogging has revived the art of written expression, will audblogging send a buncha people to their local Toastmasters club in order to polish speaking skills?

One response to “Audblogging: crumbs in your keyboard”

  1. Donald Larson

    Hi Susan,

    Yeah, I emailed one the first audio bloggers and suggest that person go to Toastmasters to learn how to speak. I won’t listen to an audio blog with “ah’s” and “um’s” and “and” comprising almost every sentence. The chewing noises are a show stopper as well.

    I did find that some arguments made via audio blog are easier to appreciate than when the same words are written down. But, audio needs to be done well, or it won’t be listened to by me. Maybe a transcript can be produced from audio blogs so that I could parse the text with some rules to eliminate the clutter.