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Phish Phry that hooked me for a moment

It’s pretty easy to tell when those lousy nogoodnicks who are lower than scum and are fit to die a slow death of gangrenous infestation by a million maggot march (go on, Susan, tell us how you really feel –ed) are trying to pull a scam on me via my email inbox. The mail comes […]

Tallying up the Vetoes

You read that right. Tallying up the vetoes, not the votes. I’ve been enjoying regular visits to Daniel Weintraub’s California Insider for his Daily Veto feature (description of the bill, with the written explanation explaining why Schwarzenegger decided to veto the bill in question). Since today was the cutoff day for signing or vetoing bills […]

WordPress and pictures

Well, it took me long enough to delve into WordPress’s picture mode. I like the way that a post can be broken up into multiple pages. The total count of the Ansari X Prize photo gallery was 29 or 30 pictures (I added another one today). Ususally because of bandwidth I keep ’em small– maximum […]

Burningbird: How we Deal with Death is a Reflection of how we view Life

Over at Burningbird, a good post: How we Deal with Death is a Reflection of how we view Life, with a lengthy quote from Dave Rogers. “Dying is easy. Living is hard. Everybody gets to die. Not everbody gets to live.”

Audblogging: crumbs in your keyboard

Al Hawkins has a list of rules for audio blogging. Number 1 is hilarious. (long story short, take your decongestant). I’ll tack one more to his list. Thou shalt not eat while audioblogging. I dunno…. I just can’t listen past the preliminary pistachio munch to whatever follows. Not when the recording is deliberately created for […]

Cottage Industry: Home videos to DVD

Over at JD Lasica‘s blog, a link to this NY Times story. “The problem people have with their home movies is mostly one of retrieval,” said Mark Smith, a co-owner of Pergamon, a video-editing business in Portland, Ore. “They have all that raw material, but no clue where the good bits are. In which case, […]