Ansari X Prize X1

White Knight/Space Ship One begin to take off down runway…
White Knight Space Ship One taking off

…and ascend into the sky to the west.
White Knight Space Ship One after takeoff

Starship takes off…
Starship after takeoff

…and begins its circular climb
starship circle climb begins

Starship joins White Knight/Space Ship One and together they climb, circling the spaceairport.
SpaceShip One and Starship climb -1

When they’re straight overhead, they’re easy to see, because the sun catches the white. As they continue their circuit, they’re harder to spot. And as they climb, they’re harder to see.

If I looked away and lost track of it, I could find it again by looking at the other people nearby and see where they were looking. Aaah, they’re looking over there. Oh, right, I see them again.

two planes climbing-2

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    […] g space ship One
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    Ansari X Prize X1
    2020 Hindsight � Ansari X Prize X1 has some nice pictures and play by play of todays launch. Hopefully they can make another launch within the 2 week time frame and prove that private space flight is a viable option…

  6. New Media Musings

    Susan reports on today’s X1 flight
    Susan Kitchens headed out to the Mojave Desert to witness the 6 a.m. launch of the Ansari X Prize X1 private space flight. She has five pages of photos and commentary. Nice job, Susan.

  7. Donald Larson

    Thanks, Susan.

    Great job and pictures!


  8. Rob K

    How many participants (flights & teams) are involved? I heard of a NO2 propelled rocket made of rubber (The rocket portion). Is that part of this endeavor? Am I off my rocker and out to lunch? I guess I should do my own search. Neet doing it live! congrats, Susan et al

  9. Susan Kitchens


    I just learned from Xeni Jardin (she blogs at BoingBoing, and also reports on NPR’s Day to Day, and attended from the VIP area) that Space Ship One runs on nitrous oxide and rubber. So yes, you got that partially right (it burns rubber, it’s not made outta rubber). I didn’t know that before. Hmm. May have to do a post on it.

  10. Stu Savory

    Yes Susan, that’s Burt Rutan in the back of the pickup, I know him.


  11. Susan Kitchens

    Stu, Thanks. I thought as much. Actually, I’m going to dig up a picture that has both Burt Rutan and Paul Allen and post it. Oh, and Stu, how do you know Burt Rutan?

  12. Peter van Wyk

    Good story and pix.

  13. Geek News Central

    Spaceship One historic flight from a bloggers perspective
    Great pictorial commentary from 2020 Hindsight direct from Mojave. [2020 Hindsight]…

  14. Sci Fi Ranter Girl

    Space Ship One’s flight blogged
    If I was lucky enough to be there. I would have blogged the event as well. Great job and thanks!

  15. chelsea morris

    Hi how are you diong to day them pictures are very nice and they are pretty.see ya later got to go