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Laughing gas and rubber

I was asked in the comments if today’s SpaceShipOne flight was propelled by N2O NO2 noted that the fuel is nitrous oxide and rubber propellant. At How Stuff Works, there’s a page —How Space Ship One works— that explains the engine and its technology. SpaceShipOne burns rubber. In solid rocket fuel, the oxidizer is embedded […]

Ansari X Prize X1

We arrived at Mojave airport at around 4:30am. Not much traffic. (nice!) It was chilly and there was a nice wind blowing. A girl and her father took advantage of the wind (“we live in an area where there’s not much wind”) by flying a kite. It’s a streak in this picture. Bright streaky bit […]

Well, that was a short night’s sleep…

Yawn. Here to click the link to the X Prize site, print out directions, and pack up the coffee and tea thermos and go. Ansari X Prize flight #1, here we come.