No diga café, diga ¡Café Durán!*

I got together with family yesterday in N. San Diego county. My sister in law and niece had just returned from a visit “home” to Panamá. Doc M and I were each given a package of coffee in Durán coffee mugs (in yellow and black) of Café Durán, the home-team coffee. Way cool! Café Durán was an instant favorite from my trip there. Turns out they have a web site, too. They’re bringing the coffee house tradition to Panamá. Good. Better Café Durán than Starbucks.

Also yesterday: I met fellow blogger Birdie! And was promptly handed an Avon catalog campaign #20, complete with samples. We talked writing and blogging. What got her into it. What kept her hooked, or what kept her writing, at least. I was amazed to discover that she hadn’t really written much before starting her weblog. And that her writing is basically first-draft prose, picked over with a spell checker, then “just slapped up there.” Whaaa?! I had to push my chin up to shut my mouth. Man oh man, her stuff doesn’t read that way. I hope she discusses her writing method on her site.

I ended up reading her a hand-scrawled snippet from the recent winery trip to Paso Robles. Inspired by her reaction, I want to type it up and put it online here. (Okay, so it’s typed, at least. But now, sitting in front of computer, there are several other ToDoThings clamoring for attention, telling me, “No, *I* am more important than prepping photos to post!” “Nah Ah, I am *so* much more important than the work it’d take to rework the draft before posting.” But it’s not ready enough to just slap up there. The perfect is the enemy of the good.)

We also talked about the urge to stop blogging, and what gets the alarm up. Or when a blog becomes more trouble than it’s worth, and what causes that to be so. Oh, and of course, the kinds of things that don’t make it to the blog. I think that’s de rigeur for when bloggers get together: to speak of that which you do not wish to be spidered by Google, et al.

* slogan from the Café Durán packages I’ve seen: Translation: “Don’t say Café, Say Café Durán!”