What steers a hurricane

This Southwest Florida News Press article explains how Jeanne’s curveball defies odds.

Think of a hurricane as a hitchhiker. Without a ride by one of nature’s wind-makers, these storms don’t travel very far or fast.

A storm’s mode of transportation, hurricane forecasters said, are upper-level steering wind currents from high pressure systems, cold fronts and troughs. Even the Gulf Stream can give a hurricane a ride.

…For days, Jeanne did not have such a steering mechanism to move it along. Now it does in the form of a high pressure system that moved over the western Atlantic. Hurricane Jeanne latched onto the bottom of this high pressure ridge, where winds are blowing west, to make its way toward Florida.

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  1. Geo Neo

    Regarding your “nature’s wrath” section and what steers a hurricane, did you notice that three Florida hurricanes intersected in 2004 over the town of Homeland?


    What steers a hurricane indeed.