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Campaign 2004 as a foreign country

Jay Rosen writes about how Paul Gourevich covers the campaign as though visiting a foreign country. The show takes place inside a bubble, which is a security perimeter overseen by the Secret Service. The bubble is a physical thing: a threshold your body crosses. If you are part of the traveling press corps, sticking with […]

If America were Iraq

If America were Iraq, what would that be like? Juan Cole conducts a thought experiment.

bull in a china shop

A list of cliches that’s as pretty as a picture. or not. On the other hand, the cliche finder will search high and low and find cliches for you.

Do I hear an ECHO?

ECHO — Exploring and Collecting History Online — science, technology and industry. Echo’s research center catalogues, annotates, and reviews sites on the history of science, technology, and industry. They also offer workshops in a thing called digital history (“how digital technologies facilitate the research, teaching, writing and presentation of history”). And have tips for going […]