Space Ship One gets Farked

Fark Photoshop contest results for Burt Rutan (et al’s) Space Ship One. tres amusing. (thanks, Don!)

Note to self: One and a half weeks until XPrize flight #1.

4 responses to “Space Ship One gets Farked”

  1. Donald Larson

    The X Prize has been renamed to ANSARI X PRIZE.


  2. Susan Kitchens

    So, does that mean that the X prize should be thought of as the ex-X Prize, since it’s now the Ansari X Prize? Should I be surprized?

  3. Donald Larson

    I believe in programmer terms it would be referred to as the X- Prize. 😉

    Here’s another tidbit… Dreams-turned-schemes launch one spaceworthy rocket ship


  4. Donald Larson