Bruce Cain on gerrymandering

It’s an interview from mid January 2004, Election gerrymandering: Bruce Cain weighs in

Gerrymandering, the redrawing of congressional districts to ensure that elections favor a particular political or ethnic group, has been around almost as long as the Constitution itself. The term was coined when Eldridge Gerry, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, sought to engineer his reelection as governor of Massachusetts in 1811 by rearranging voting districts so crudely that one resembled a salamander.

Redistricting in Gerry’s era, however, was more guesswork than guarantee. Using today’s computer software to slice and dice voters’ demographic data with razor-shap precision, state legislators can practically dictate election outcomes for their districts. [Read More]

Link leads to interview with Bruce Cain, currently poly sci prof at Berkeley, formerly at CalTech (thus says Doc M who took a class from him back when).