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Bruce Cain on gerrymandering

It’s an interview from mid January 2004, Election gerrymandering: Bruce Cain weighs in Gerrymandering, the redrawing of congressional districts to ensure that elections favor a particular political or ethnic group, has been around almost as long as the Constitution itself. The term was coined when Eldridge Gerry, one of the signers of the Declaration of […]

Mars Express finds water, methane in Martian atmosphere

Europeans hail latest data from Mars. Implication: life could possibly be present, given those conditions. But, of course, much more investigation is necessary, caution—it could be from volcanic activity, don’t leap to conclusions, etc., etc. Intriguing nonetheless. related Mars-dom: Wired News looks at what it’d take to feed a Mars-bound spaceship crew. [via Martian Soil]

My Pen Pal, Gen’l Manuel Noriega

If you didn’t catch last week’s This American Life radio show, you missed something. Girl writes Manuel Noriega, correspondence (and Panamanian visit) ensue. [show description from This American Life] Sarah York, from northern Michigan, became General Manuel Noriega’s pen pal in 1988. Here she is with the General, greeting crowds of Panamanians on a visit […]

Computing at Columbia Timeline

Computing at Columbia Timeline History of computing. Includes two sections on Manhattan Project and computing. (Saw this at Anil Dash’s links. ) Which reminds of something about Richard Feynman I wanted to link to (thanks to Garret at dangerousmeta) —a lecture by Feynman about his experiences on the Manhattan Project, including his lock picking, censor-baiting, […]

Space Ship One gets Farked

Fark Photoshop contest results for Burt Rutan (et al’s) Space Ship One. tres amusing. (thanks, Don!) Note to self: One and a half weeks until XPrize flight #1.