Watching Ivan

This article has a good rundown of all the online resources (main stream media) for tracking Ivan. Some highlights:
NorthwestFlorida Daily news Online ,’s breaking news.
Forget it. There are too many to list; it’s worth dealing with the WaPo idiot registration to see the whole thing.

The University of Illinois has a weather info center, with a hurricane backgrounder section (and an El Niño one, too!).

Via PoynterOnline’s morning meeting on tips for covering hurricanes, how to make a hurricane (flash). Warm water and humidity make larger hurricanes. But see for yourself.

I mentioned and weatherbug before. Also good for satellite imagery is the NOAA site.

Bloggers from the area:
Slidell, LA: Behind the Wall of Sleep
Birmingham, AL Silent Running
Pensacola: Lilac Rose
Fort Walton Beach, FL: Red Coyote
Not in the area, so no interruption in coverage: Irish Trojan’s blog
Mobile, AL: Cut on the bias (still going), beyond salvage