gimmee shelter, and spare tires

In this story about life in a Birmingham, AL shelter, I saw this:

With more than 200 people gathered at Frazier United Methodist Church in Montgomery, the gymnasium floor was covered in small foam mattresses, cots and shoes.

Near Mark Weslock’s cot stood his bicycle, his home away from home. The Michigan native was on a cross-country bicycle trek from in Prudhoe, Alaska to Key West, Fla. before Hurricane Ivan stepped in the way, blocking his path through Alabama.

“I’m so close. Over 90 percent of the trip is already done. I’m just going to be patient,” said Weslock, 53. “I might not have another chance to do it. And the hardest parts are behind me.”

He said he might continue his trip as early as Saturday.

So I googled him and found the site with his trip newsletters and the map of his route.