Genesis crash, Kennedy damage pix

Nasawatch has coverage of two space-related news bits: Genesis (collector of solar wind materials) returned to earth, failed to deploy a parachute, and crashed. It’s still intact, but whether there’s damage or not, time will tell…

Frances strips part of the VAB: Kennedy Space Center images of Hurricane Frances Damage. VAB stands for Vehicle Assembly Building— it’s the huge building that can hold an Apollo rocket standing up. The building is so large that it has its own weather inside. If I recall correctly, the roof is large enough to hold Yankee stadium and a parking lot (of some comparable size, I forget the dimensions). That roof is now soggy and too dangerous for people to walk on and inspect.

UPDATE: More on Genesis crash, from CNN blog.

I got a phone call this morning from Doc M, who was watching it live on the NASA TV webfeed. I was brewing coffee when he called (late night working last night). Just as I was going to grind the coffee beans, he said, “It looks like the parachute deployed. No, wait, they’re saying it hasn’t…. Oh no! ….oh no!” What? What? Do I press the lid down now or wait for the reason? He continued (I waited), “It hit the ground.” Grrrrrrinnnndddd. “At a hundred miles an hour.” I was thinking about the Mars lander balloons and didn’t think a hundred miles an hour would be so bad. Maybe, maybe it’s okay. Obviously, I needed coffee. “It’s still intact,” he said. The pictures are showing some ship crumbling, I think.

Genesis mission home page and news page. There’s a link to descent and landing video there.

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  1. Donald Larson

    NASA Finds Intact Materials in Genesis

    “We should be able to meet many, if not all, of our science goals,” said physicist Roger C. Wiens of the Los Alamos National Laboratory