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Ivan decimates Grenada

From the Jamaica Observer: BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – There are reports that at least 12 people were killed and 90 per cent of all homes in Grenada have been destroyed by Hurricane Ivan which has left “incalculable destruction” in the Caribbean ‘Isle of Spice’. [emphasis mine]

Eyetrack study

What do viewers look at on a site? The Eyetrack III study (preliminary! they say, preliminary!) is worth a look. A scan. A read. [via Dan Gillmor]

Genesis crash, Kennedy damage pix

Nasawatch has coverage of two space-related news bits: Genesis (collector of solar wind materials) returned to earth, failed to deploy a parachute, and crashed. It’s still intact, but whether there’s damage or not, time will tell… Frances strips part of the VAB: Kennedy Space Center images of Hurricane Frances Damage. VAB stands for Vehicle Assembly […]