Waiting for Frances

Floridian bloggers: Transterrestrial Musings (just moved to Florida from California), Interim Tom (latest: Let my people freak), Buzz Bruggeman (Was gonna leave town at 5pm but they closed the Orlando airport at noon, so he’s stayin’), and Rogers Cadenhead (so far nothing about Frances) whose “Locals” blogroll includes Oceanguy (Adventures along A1A), and Attaboy

And of course hurricane chasers at Weatherbug: Ryan, Stephanie, and the Storm Chase Team

UPDATE: another weather tracker’s gotta SUV with all kidsa cameras and sensors. The SUV will be placed at hurricane landfall, and strapped to the ground for the duration.

Wish ’em all well.

4 responses to “Waiting for Frances”

  1. Buzz Bruggeman

    Hi Susan:

    I think you are a good friend of Doc’s! Thanks for the pointage.


  2. Susan

    Chica! What is your email address? You signed my guestbook and I couldn’t email you back it was a no-return address. You smarty, you!

  3. Rogers Cadenhead

    Thanks. I was the first to evacuate Florida in advance of Frances, and I just got back to St. Augustine with my family today. Aside from my insane wife, who stayed to cover the storm for the Florida Times-Union.

  4. Susan Kitchens

    Rogers, glad yall made it through okay. re: your wife’s covering it for the Times-Union, I guess I gotta find a link to the paper and read what she wrote! 😉