Russian school terrorist/hostage incident

Command Post has lots of updates. As does a blog, Logic and Sanity, with postings, translated from the linked Russian news sources sources. An aftermath report: escaping children fleeing the school were shot in the back. Words fail me.

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  1. Donald Larson

    Yeah, that’s why every nation under threats or attacks by islamic militants need to fight back militarily and other ways too.

    I keep asking myself, why are so many victims around the world suffering or dead and not one thing happens to Iran who funds and in other ways supports terrorism. Their people and country doesn’t hasn’t received one scratch yet for all their involvement in the funding and training of terrorists that are doing the killing and wounding of others.

    Maybe Russia will take them on now after their planes have been blown up, subway travelers blown up, and now hundreds kids and adults killed?

    Maybe Israel will blow the Iranians up?

    Maybe America will do it if it ever finds the resolve to destroy Iran for its actions?

    Until then, kids, and other human beings across the globe will continue to be killed and wounded while folks sit around at a loss of words and loss of will to pursue an effective killer-blow to countries that support Islamic terrorists.


  2. ryan smith

    its wise not to give voice to such hatefull emotions, you might convince yourself that they are the only option. islamic terrorists are the worlds karma. if we took control over our governments and redirected their resources away from weapons manufacturing and economic extortion, the terrorists would have no idealogical ammo. if we stopped idolizing our most animalistic traits it wouldnt be so easy to view us as devils. we will never destroy terrorism with bombs, why cant you see that?! the united states has begun an attempt at world domination and the russians have failed their own attempt. are you going to let it happen, do yu think that a vast majority of the world wont fight back? our government and popular society is godless, only interested in money, sex, power, FUN, and our own families, mabe race, mabe nation, or whatever scene we identify with. our superior attitude divides us here to the point of hate, of course it’ll breed the same feelings overseas! yeah the u.s. helps a lot around the world but we’re also the biggest weapons manufatures. if the u.s. wanted peace we wouldnt give people like saddam or the taliban weapons. the u.s. grows enough food to feed the globe. where does it go? into the bellys of livestock. we wouldnt have water shortages or starvation if we reduced our demand for meat. its th consumers fault. the buisinesses and the government will look at the bottom line and keep their eyes off the starving. do you drive a gas powered car? then shut the fuck up accept the consequences. or buy a gun and go kill some iranians if thats the solution. why dont you enlist? the draft will be reinstaited next year, if you sign up one less unwilling child wont have to go fight your war. id bitch slap your ass if i heard you speak . see, some violence is justified.

    From Susan: Ryan, chill out. I’ve marked up stuff that’s too much.

  3. Donald Larson



    You have absolutly no influence over me.


  4. Brian

    Ryan – you need to lay off of the crack. You vegan peaceniks make me sick. There is only one solution – let the meat eating, red blooded, MEN (not whinny stool-bags such as yourself) go freely into battle with the evil we are presented with and wipe them from the face of the earth. And, just to make the point clear, I’d love for you to try to bitchslap me. You’ll find out what 12 years of military training can buy you.

  5. Brian

    Amen and pass the ammo. The Russians have a crappy record of extracting any kind of pay back from anyone. See Afganistan and Chechnia(sp). They are good at sending tons of ill-trained cannon fodder into a region and beating up the wrong people. I just hope they throw some support behind the US and provide ample ‘bullet stoppers in training’ to take one for the team so US-SPEC-OPS can do their job while the terrorists are shooting the other direction. Just a thought.

  6. Donald Larson

    The Isreali’s pledge to do everything possible to stop the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons.

    It’s only a matter of time before Iran gets hit big-time. They deserve it too!