Mo’ migration catchup —htaccess redirects

More post-weblog migration. Or stuff I shoulda done a long time ago but I was too tired.

I’m hanging out in htaccess redirect land.

Manila had a bunch of custom URLs. All of which have been bouncing, between early July and now.

The import script that Jason Levine so kindly operated on my site inserted a tag like this:
<a name="manilaPath_introduce"></a>

So, in WP’s admin area, Edit Posts, I did a search for manilaPath_. The result was a fairly long list of posts (each of which I could edit)

One at a time, I edited them. Checked out second half of the manilaPath_ tag for the item-to-redirect (i.e., from manilaPath_introduce I pulled out introduce), and then copied the new permalink (based on Year/Month/Day/PostSlugPost Slug), and then added a redirect rule into the ever-growing htaccess file:

Redirect /introduce

Deleted the manilaPath_ tag, so I could refresh the list and know what I still had to do, and the ones I hadn’t.

Of course, now that I think about it, there’s probably a better way to go about it than a one-at-a-time process (though I’m doing other things, such as assigning categories and noting problem areas that I still need to do something about).

My big I coulda hadda V8 moment: How about globally parsing tag, in order to generate a redirect? It’s the same as what I want to do with the old Manila Post IDs (msgReader$1234). But I still don’t know how to go about that kinda thing, yet.