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Mo’ migration catchup —htaccess redirects

More post-weblog migration. Or stuff I shoulda done a long time ago but I was too tired. I’m hanging out in htaccess redirect land. Manila had a bunch of custom URLs. All of which have been bouncing, between early July and now.

Russian school terrorist/hostage incident

Command Post has lots of updates. As does a blog, Logic and Sanity, with postings, translated from the linked Russian news sources sources. An aftermath report: escaping children fleeing the school were shot in the back. Words fail me.

Weatherbug covers Frances

Weatherbug blogs Frances from Florida’s Space Coast; they posted pix from Cocoa Beach. Reading news of faraway events is always more vivid when I’ve been to the area. (with pix) Somewhere I read that projected landfall would be Vero Beach. That’s where the LA Dodgers train, a fact discovered wholly by accident the day after […]