Word Press redirects

After all the michegas of getting my site transferred from Manila to Word Press, I took a little time off to do, ahem, (seemingly) more important things. Today I’m back in the bowels of WordPress, attempting to work out the redirects from the old site.

I took all the 404s from August and sorted them.

Here are the types:

  1. Manila message number: http://discuss.2020hindsight.org/discuss/msgReader$754
    I created a new database table that contains old Manila message numbers.
    Next up: How to create a redirect that arrives at that right number.
  2. Year/Month/Day entries:
    The Word Press permalink redirect may take care of that. Still reading up on it. totally rocks the house.
  3. Manila-style custom URLs, such as, say /metrogoldline1.
    Possible solution: Edit individual post, assign PostSlug? Nope, not exactly. Maybe htaccess for that, too.

(Shoulda done a long time ago and was easy when done: phpmyadmin SQL command to change all image URLs to local ones. DONE! :D)