PapaScott’s WordPress export script

Good on Scott Hanson! He created a script to export from WordPress “To paraphrase Sam Ruby, a weblog software is only as good as its export function.” Indeed. The comment thread pores over arcana such as the uniqueness of WordPress’s data model, and mentions of other export scripts. Boring as hell until you’re trying to export your site. As I’m not (I’m still working on finishing a weblog migration), my eyes happily glazed over.

Until. I read the best line far down in his comment thread (made by Scott himself).

If you want an example of an XML export that noone knows what to do with, you need look no further than Userland.

After wasting 20 days in June trying to do extract an XML export from Manila/Radio UserLand (and then not being able to do anything with it), I got quite a laugh out of that.

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