Frances heading for Kennedy

That’s Hurricane Frances, and landfall looks as though it’ll be at Kennedy Space Center— which is closing today and tomorrow to prepare. Elevation at KSC: 9 feet. So they’re closing each and every pod bay door, in an attempt to protect from wind, rain, and flood. More on this at NASAwatch which— yippee!— now has permalinks.

I’ve been reading Tom Matrullo‘s post-Charley posts. …I won’t excerpt (it’s all too good). Just go there.

Also, at BoingBoing, a post with news about what’s going on there now, as a recap of posts to’s bulletin boards.

shuttle_guy: We are securing the facility and the Shuttle Orbiters for the storm. For everything up to a catagory IV hurricane we have a “ride out” crew on the base during the storm to do what they can safely do to protect the Flight hardware. However for catagory IV and V the hardware is on it’s own. No one will be on the KSC property for this storm which is expected to remain a stron Cat. IV .

and all the shuttles right now are in the Orbital Processing Facility (OPF) building, which has the lowest wind tolerances. Ouch.

najaB: Well, in the original plan, the Orbiters weren’t supposed to be in the OPF during a storm – they’re supposed to be transferred over to ride out the storm in the VAB. [Vehicle Assembly Building, the big, tall one] I guess nobody ever thought that all the Orbiters would be immovable in the OPF at the same time that KSC would be staring down the barrel of a Cat 4 storm.

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