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PapaScott’s WordPress export script

Good on Scott Hanson! He created a script to export from WordPress “To paraphrase Sam Ruby, a weblog software is only as good as its export function.” Indeed. The comment thread pores over arcana such as the uniqueness of WordPress’s data model, and mentions of other export scripts. Boring as hell until you’re trying to […]

Word Press redirects

After all the michegas of getting my site transferred from Manila to Word Press, I took a little time off to do, ahem, (seemingly) more important things. Today I’m back in the bowels of WordPress, attempting to work out the redirects from the old site. I took all the 404s from August and sorted them. […]

Frances heading for Kennedy

That’s Hurricane Frances, and landfall looks as though it’ll be at Kennedy Space Center— which is closing today and tomorrow to prepare. Elevation at KSC: 9 feet. So they’re closing each and every pod bay door, in an attempt to protect from wind, rain, and flood. More on this at NASAwatch which— yippee!— now has […]