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Olympics in HD

Doc M has HDTV. Doc M’s a swimmer. Guess what we’ve been watching? The HD schedule is about a half or a whole day behind “lo rez” TV…. and, they show the entire medal ceremony, too. I like the olive wreaths. Hands down, though, the best medal ceremonies going are the equestrian events. As an […]

olympic sole meuniere

The olympic sport I’ve been engaging in: sole muniere, with grrl & co. Both of us have studied New Testament Greek (grrl: “I started out with Classical, Honey!!”) and recited the Greek alphabet so we knew who was coming in when in the march of nations during opening ceremonies (we used to sing it to […]

Fear of food

I saw it quoted in part on Ken Layne’s site— this statement of Julia Child’s about fear of food. So I decided to type the whole section up. It’s from the end of the introduction to The Way to Cook (her 7th cookbook, 1998). Fear of food, indulgences, and small helpings. Because of the media […]

Rest in Peace, Julia

Julia Child died in her sleep just before her 92nd birthday. Julie Powell (of the Julie/Julia project, which introduced me to Julia, really), breaks her blog silence to pay tribute to Julia. Tonight, I think I’m going to have to break out either MTAOFC or The Way to Cook and make a Julia meal. In […]

My War

My War–Fear and Loathing in Iraq is a relatively new (June, 2004) weblog written by CBFTW, an army soldier, a self-confessed D student (what? all these people reading my blog say I can write? WTF, over?)… His writing puts whose writing about what it’s really like. He was part of the 9-hour long Stryker battle […]

Hubble gets a robotic reprieve

New Scientis: Robots get go-ahead to save Hubble NASA is moving ahead with robotic mission to repair and upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope, to the delight of astronomers.[…] If all goes well, the overhaul should extend Hubble’s life five years, past the planned 2011 launch of its successor, the James Webb Space Telescope. Yet the […]