13 years ago

On the Soviet August Coup:
Not being able to find the NPR story that ran on morning edition 22 Aug 1991, I searched elsewhere for some of the description of Gorbachev’s house arrest in his dacha during the failed coup. (why am I searching for this? My niece was born that day.)

  • Gorbachev in dacha listening to VOA (scroll down to page 10)
  • Gorbachev listens to BBC in this link
  • Russia.net The coup of August 1991
  • Moscow Times The coup that changed our world. (see other story links at bottom of this page, such as Diary of a Coup )
  • WordIQ Soviet Coup attempt of 1991
  • google: gorbachev+dacha+coup+radio+VoiceofAmerica
  • Aaah. here it is, the quote, as found toward the bottom of this page, War of the Black Heavens, about radio broadcasting during the Cold War:

    [this is Gorbachev speaking] “Everything was turned off, but we found some old receivers in the service quarters and were able to set up antennas — the lads were able to figure out how to do that.

    We were able to catch some broadcasts and find out what was happening. We got BBC, best of all –BBC best of all. They were the clearest signal. Radio Liberty, then Voice of America — at least that is what I was told, based on the information they had.”