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Subservient President

Tell Bush what you want him to do at subservient If he doesn’t understand, he scratches his head. But when you say “scratch head,” he thinks you’re being naughty or something.

State Overhaul

via California Insider, this SacBee article about Arnold’s state overhaul plans. The reorganization plan aims to save as much as $32 billion over the next five years by consolidating departments, cutting growth in state employment by 12,000 positions and privatizing some state work. Widely viewed as the biggest proposed government overhaul since the 1960s, its […]

Radio Product Manager

Dave Winer (who no longer works for UserLand but is the de facto spokesperson for them, as his weblog has higher visibility than does UserLand CEO Scott Young) announced mentioned the announcement that Radio UserLand now has a product manager– Steve Kirks nee of House of Warwick . Hooray! Radio has needed a product manager. […]

getting my refurbed LaserJet 4 to print under MacOS X

This LaserJet 4 page at has good discussion. I’m in the thick of downloading this and that printer driver and ppd, hope to report a happy result. (Running X.2.8) I’m happy at least to see that my symptoms are shared by others– text prints fine, graphics, including web pages, forget it. (post script error […]

quiet american

quiet american, a collection of field recordings and one-minute vacations, as MP3s. From the site intro: The world makes its own music, but we rarely listen with naive ears. Quiet American is the manipulation of sounds I hear and record. The project began as I grappled with what it meant to be a tourist in […]