Organizing Parties

Matt Stoller: How the Democratic Party Can Organize Itself to Win Over the Long-term

Lotsa provovative thoughts, worth a read.

It is the challenge of the Democratic Party to reinvigorate faith in government, but this faith will not just come if the government bribes people with progressive taxation policy. A tax cut sounds equally nice from either party. The key is to orient the struggle around excesses of power and its twin, political access. To the extent that the Democratic party embodies restraints on power and equality of access, its message will win. To the extent that the Democratic Party embodies top-down principles of organizing, the struggle will look like a strong and powerful right-wing party versus a weak and vacillating party, both of whom offer a basket of hard-to-understand stuff.

2 responses to “Organizing Parties”

  1. Donald Larson

    I don’t think the Democrats will ever return strong while they continue to promote a liberal agenda. I think the United States continues on the general conservative trend, that is, more towards the Republican side of issues.

    The upcoming election is the real indicator, will the Republicans stay as a majority in Congress and again capture the White House, or will the country flip-flop and then be in tune with the Democrats.


  2. Susan Kitchens

    What I like about this article is less about Dems vs. Reps, but is the bottom-up/distributed manner of communication, versus the top-down thang.