Judging the success of convention blogging

Everyone’s doing the post-balloon drop navel gazing, snark response to snarky article critique of blogging the convention. Was it a success? Was it a failure? Why or Why Not? Discuss.

Loved the irony of the self-referential professional Journalist sighing that those those bloggers are so, well, self-referential. You know, as in Those bloggers are so self-absorbed that all they do is show pictures of their convention passes and of each other and their nosebleed seats. They aren’t real journalists. Like I and my colleagues are. We work hard. But we won’t have to quit our jobs anytime soon. And I know you readers care about that most of all.

I judge the success slightly differently. After a week away, I came back to town, and began the week with that brand-new sense of possibility, “I get to remake my life over again.” Well, after I do the laundry and grocery shopping and take care of several sundries that were ignored before my trip began. Then the convention began.

At the beginning of the week: The clear view of one’s tasks and priorities and inclinations all brand spankin’ new.

The end of the week: convention blog hangover, fuzzy sense, “now, what was I doing?” and yes, I’m part of Obamamania.

I’d call that an unqualified convention weblogger success. I got to turn away from the self-absorption of possibilities and renewed beginnings to the self-absorption of the sullied dang, I spent too much time surfing the convention.

And, er, I know you readers (at least the one or two of you still reading after the sparse postings after the silent week) care about that most of all. 😉