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Shuttin’ down computers

I’ll be away from computer internet-land. Yee ha! Shut down my computers. No email (oh boy, I will discover exactly how many spams I get in a certain time period). Minimal No computing. If it weren’t for the digital photo habit I have, I’d leave behind my powerbook altogether. (must. schlep. computer. Must. download. digital. […]

What’s in a name?

Back in May or something, I noticed that an article in Forbes was written by one Susan Kitchens. Say what? Was that me? No. A different Susan Kitchens. A Susan Kitchens who, when she egosurfed on Google one day, discovered another Susan A. Kitchens out somewhere in California. The different Susan Kitchens happens to have […]

The Myth of Solid Ground

File under note to self for 28 July: David L. Ulin @ LA Library Aloud event at Mark Taper forum. re: his new book. Web page gives bio, the July events page has the title of event.