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campaign trail adventures: flippin’ birds for a living

jiveturky: The single greatest event of my life is the account of a coupla young guys from Pennsylvania, holding up protest signs for the Bush campaign motorcade, and the President of the United States demonstrates his fitness for the job in his response to the protesters. Nothing like a little friendly disagreement to elicit one’s […]

Looka! does home-cookin’, wine-pairin’ food porn

Not only does he cook it, but then he photographs it and writes about it in lurid detail. Chuck Taggart: he da man.

Word Press “God Mode”

WordPress Easter Egg described over at C A R T H I K . N E T. (where is the URI of your wordpress wp-admin folder), for all the buttons and levers you’ll ever need. Handy for that newbie “but where was that option again?” click-and-hunt thang.