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John Robb to host Intelligent Defense 1-hour “radio” shows (on the net)

John Robb announces the first of a series of 1-hour conversations at his Intelligent Defense: Analyzing Terrorist Networks weblog (sub-weblog?). First one is 20 July. I’d like to hear ideas about intelligent defense; his scenario-painting is mighty scary. Welcome to a series of conversations dedicated to a deeper understanding of next generation terrorism and what […]

I’m your huckleberry

Watched highlights of Tombstone last night (okay, that means we skipped two—two! whole DVD chapters). Wonderful movie. If you haven’t seen it (in a while), do. You’re a daisy if you do.

This one’s for you, google

I’m helping a friend work through some html mysteries; her expertise is design for print. She’s delved into Dreamweaver’s Javascript-generation. And I’m supposed to help with that?!? Lawsy, Miz Scahlett, I don’ know nuthin’ bout’ troubleshootin’ no javascript (yes, Dori and Tom, I’m recommending your books!). Her website in progress: Watson Studios. This post is […]

Writin’ Train

Writing on the Coast Starlight from Los Angeles to Seattle How one writer laid down the words as the train sped moved forward, mile after mile. My goal was to get some quality, uninterrupted writing time for the oft-delayed Tarzan, and I got it. I wrote long-hand, as I usually do on first drafts, and […]