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I’ve just barely taken a look around at the doings with WordPress, I’ve been so focused on The Big Move. There are plugins galore. I will, of course, be looking at image plugins. At an idle moment, I thought about BlogTools, and obsession with tools. Lately I’ve been doing lots related to tools: Write about […]

OS X trick: list files as text

this thread at describes ways to recursively list contents of files/folders –as text files. Easiest one to implement: You can use the BBEdit text editor (even the free “Lite” version) to get a listing like the one produced by this hint. Just drag the folder from Finder onto an empty BBEdit window. Wicked cool, […]

More Manila image migration reverse engineering woes

Let us explore more of the travails of converting a Manila site to another format; specifically images. (This 5-part dysharmonious tale is the third or fourth installment in an ongoing discussion of the forehead-bruising process of collecting all the images from my old Manila site into a single location, focusing on the goal to reliably serve those images without trespassing on server bandwidth of any former webhost that I’m not paying.)

Gephardt? Edwards? Gephardt? Edwards?

Speculation’s been rife that Kerry’s VP announcement is coming soon. Planespotters say Edwards. NY Post says Gephardt. Just about to turn in, but a check of Yahoo News had a one-minute old AP story: Edwards. I’ll find out when I wake up.