Picture names from Manila. Joy.

So now I’m discovering an awful fact about the pictures I uploaded in Manila:

Shortcut name: The name given to the picture upon upload. For instance, for the site logo, ‘2020 banner new’

The actual filename: The original filename for the image. For instance, for that same logo, ‘2020logodelphina.gif’.

Continue reading for the eyes-glaze-over details…So, upon exporting the Manila site via the TheXmlFiles tool (But-what-do-you-do-with-it-afterward?) or via the Jason Levine sooper exporter script, the image file that’s bundled into the site.root file and then unbundled from that is named ‘2020bannernew.gif’. In other words, the file name was changed to the shortcut name.

I don’t know how many of those there are. I just plunked the static site here. Can’t really test anything until I make the domain name switch and wait for it to propogate. I think I’m learning very well the Dave Winer phrase, “It’s even worse than it appears.”

Are we having fun yet? grrrrrrrr.

2 responses to “Picture names from Manila. Joy.”

  1. Jason

    The problem, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, is that Frontier/Manila doesn’t store the original filename anywhere. (It actually *does* receive the original filename when you upload the picture, but it throws it away and just stores the actual bits, plus a few other things like the MIME type and the dimensions.) So working backwards, I have the image bits (which I write out to a file), and I have the MIME type (which I use to set the appropriate filename extension), but I do not have the original filename, so I name the file whatever the shortcut was named.

    Suboptimal, yep. You are, in fact, correct when you say that it’s worse than it appears; that’s why we’re all so interested in the export process!

  2. Susan Kitchens

    I have only today seen the implications of the two different name storage situation. Once I set the DNS to propogate, I checked the 404s. Tons of them to image directories. Turns out that the images spit out from either TheXmlFiles tool and your conversion script are, well, junk. Because all image references are to the file names of files actually uploaded. I went and downloaded (by hand) all images from the static.userland.com image directory for my old site. But I can’t get direct access to the ones from weblogger’s redjupiter static image directories (well, I could, one at a time, but I’m not quite to last resort there), so I’ve put a request in to Erin Clerico at Weblogger to zip em up so I can download ’em in a big, bad bunch. Arrgh.