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Birdie does beads

I’ve recommended Birdie before— the author of Beauty Dish : the underground adventures of an Avon Lady. Here’s a recent entry of hers I found, well, breathtaking. It begins like this: My birth daughter sent me a small package a couple of weeks ago. I arrived with the regular mail, in a soft rectangular manilla […]

Organizing Parties

Matt Stoller: How the Democratic Party Can Organize Itself to Win Over the Long-term Lotsa provovative thoughts, worth a read. It is the challenge of the Democratic Party to reinvigorate faith in government, but this faith will not just come if the government bribes people with progressive taxation policy. A tax cut sounds equally nice […]

great. it’s all in my head

Just got back from rollerblading —first time in a loooong time. And, via dangerousmeta , I see this New Scientist article: “Fatigue is in the mind, not the muscles, suggests a new study.” Lovely. So I shouldn’t have taken it so easy and shoulda gone ahead and done another lap? Maybe not. “But evidence is […]

Judging the success of convention blogging

Everyone’s doing the post-balloon drop navel gazing, snark response to snarky article critique of blogging the convention. Was it a success? Was it a failure? Why or Why Not? Discuss. Loved the irony of the self-referential professional Journalist sighing that those those bloggers are so, well, self-referential. You know, as in Those bloggers are so […]

Dave Barry’s great pullquote

Matt Welch interview of Dave Barry, who says, “It’s kind of weird being interviewed by a guy who’s sucking his own blood.”

Best blog quote on convention, so far

Comes from Jessamyn at (putting the rarin’ back in librarian since 1993) She says, “What’s it like? It’s like Burning Man for Democrats, without the nudity or the drugs. Everyone is walking around grinning like they’ve just had their first threesome. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to look like on Thursday, but […]