Monday, April 12, 2004  [!]
NASA extends the Rovers' missions. Very cool. From 3 months to 9 months. My heart goes out to the scientists and engineers whose intrepid tinkering with their diurnal rhythms are being pushed for 9 months' worth of Martian days. Here's a link to an NPR story about working MST -- Martian Standard Time.

UPDATE: A search on NPR for Mars reveals other recent news stories:

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Al has a follow-up post about last Thursday's panicky announcement that there's a new MacOS X Trojan Horse on the loose. ArsTechnica says it's exaggerated.

The proof-of-concept is exactly that: a demonstration that OS X can be vulnerable to some Trojan horses, and not much more. The file posted on the Usenet takes advantage of a beahvior that is a carry-over from the Macintosh's pre-Unix days: the file's creator code is evaluated before the extension when the file is opened from the Finder, while the Finder displays the icon associated with the extension. The file in question cannot be easily spread to other computers via P2P or e-mail unless compressed, as failure to compress it makes it inoperable.
Wired says the horse is a nag. Intego, the outfit that originally sounded the alarm, has a Q and A page that goes into more detail about the proof-of-concept.

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No, the story doesn't talk about how that the song, "Happy Birthday," is still under copyright and can't be used without permissions (and, presumably payment). But this story by J.D. Lasica does tell of the effects of corporate enforcement of copyright law in drastic ways.

"What has happened over the past few decades is that culture has become privatized to the point where we're now facing a crisis." ...

"This all comes down to whether you believe culture should be bottom up or a top-down approach imposed by the corporations," Horowitz says. "As it is now, copyright law has become the killing fields of culture."

What was that principle of a positive feedback loop as market condition, that market share begets more market share? I can't recall the catchy term describing the dominance domino effect. But this story reminded me of that.

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Just glanced through it all; looks good, as always there's a wide array of topics.

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Home Movie Depot is a service that transfers 8mm and 16 mm movies to digital format. Preview the movies online before final delivery. This company is recommended from a friend who does a similar thing transferring and preserving audio tape recordings.

They've got a page on how to store film and what happens when it ages

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