Monday, April 5, 2004  [!]
Spirit has been on Mars for 90 sols.... the originally slated mission time for the Mars Exploration Rover. According to this JPL Space Calendar, today, April 5, 2004, marks the end of Spirit's primary mission.

Mission accomplished.

One of NASA's twin Mars rovers now has been traipsing around Gusev Crater for 90 days, meeting the prime mission success criteria for the nation's $820 million investment in the two robotic field geologists.

The other rover -- on the red planet for 69 days now -- has uncovered conclusive evidence that a Martian plain known as Meridiani once was awash with water, a finding that achieved the main scientific goal of the project.

And while NASA now can declare victory, the Spirit and Opportunity rovers still are chugging along, and it appears both will continue to do so for two or three months to come. [Read More]

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