Tuesday, June 24, 2003  [!]
above link goes to a slashdot interview with an Apple VP/Technology's response to The Register questioning the veracity of the benchmarks. Read the whole Slashdot thread if you wanna get more background and numb yourself over the differences between one kinda compiler and another.

But for a real-world benchmark test, I'd love to see the results of running Pandromeda's MojoWorld, a 3D world generator (using fractal/procedural methods to generate landscapes) that's got so much heavy math in it, it'll eat up processor cycles like a sunofagun. Show me Mojoworld on a G5, G4, G3 (yes, where I'm at now, sniffle), and the Pentium 4/Xeons that Apple tested against.

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At first glance, those G5s look yummy. It's been a few years since I bought a new computer, and I've been thinking about upgrades... Nice timing, Apple. Looks like some Aluminum in my future. Today, a friend mentioned that IBM stock went up on the Apple G5 announcement; I replied: Cool that the market attriubtes that much to Apple's announcement. It wasn't until I saw Dan Gillmor's comment re: Apple switching from Motorola to IBM for their PowerPC chips. That slipped by: Apple, Motorola and IBM have been named as the joint-inventors of the PowerPC chip, so I didn't quite notice how IBM replaced Motorola as Apple's supplier.

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