Wednesday, June 18, 2003  [!]
Today's a big birthday day! It's a dozen-divisible birthday for someone who's mostly ablogymous on my site, but certainly not in my life. Here at 2020 Hindsight today's birthday boy has been referred to as my boyfriend, more cryptically as Doc M and, last summer, The Patient.

I got a recent reprieve from Doc M. "Can I blog about your surgery last year?" "Yeah (like all classified secrets, they're later leaked to the public)."

A year ago, when Dave W. disappeared from his blog, and then word got out that he'd be in the hospital for a week, I thought to myself, "Man! a week! Dave's in a serious way! That's gotta be heart surgery or something he's in for." How did I know? Because I was mentally gearing up for The Patient's heart surgery to take place a week and a half later to swap out a congenitally defective heart valve. Estimated time in hospital: one week.

The birthday cake from a year ago was, I'll admit, a little unfair. Every single candle was one of those can't-blow-out kind, emitting tell-tale sparks. It wasn't a mean streak that inspired me to do it. As he struggled to un-ignite the flames, I said, "This is *you* after surgery. Just wake up again, okay?"

Now The Patient is part of what Nurse Al calls The Zipper Club. Because his scars include an additional hyphen-shaped scar three inches below the "zipper," The Patient's chest resembles an exclamation mark. He puts on the Comic Book hero voice (but not the accompanying spandex tights nor cape, sigh), and says, "It's -- Exclamation Man!! Titanium wires wrapped around his chest! A new heart valve! No more whoosh dub heart. Exclamation Man goes glub dub...and is very glad to be alive."

Happy Birthday, Exclamation Man!

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Happy birthday to Sheila and to Andrea!

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