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This is the first of a 3-parter about the life of JK Rowling. Some interesting tidbits about dates in Rowling's life and how those dates work into her stories, and other early influences that found their way into the series. So the new book comes out June 21st. No doubt there'll be other stories on the author. This one's pretty in-depth. Parts two and three to come.

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More on MIT The Tech. This excerpt, published June 7, 1919 (exactly 40 years before my birth!), was, I believe, written by my grandma, tho there's no by-line. I suspect that Cleofan is a club or society for women MIT students. (one issue told of my grandma's being elected treasurer).

What was the way cool thing back in 1919?


Do you know the very best kind of pet to have these hot days? All the old pets may be dear to us yet. Canaries are cheerful bits of melodious sunshine; cats are still deliciously cuddlesome; dogs are companionable and uncannily sensible; waltzing mice have success at making the onlooker dizzy, if the onlooker has proven, by being a frequenter of Revere, that he likes that sensation; horses are beautiful and wise; and turtles have charms appreciated only by their owners. But this new variety of pet which we recommend affords the most enjoyment this weather, we are sure, and gives least trouble. We are in a position to judge and record its merits--its obedience, gentle nature, endurance--because a friend lately caught one in the polar region, tamed it, and gave it to us to keep in the Margaret Cheney Room.

It is easy to see how dearly we love it. In the form of the proverbial grease spot, we rush languidly in the door after a long, melting lecture, and rejoice to see our little pet performing his stunts patiently before a circle of Institute belles. There he is, squatted upon the table, turning his broad, benevolent face from one to the other in slow, rhythmic time, purring out his consolation for their roasted thoughts of despair. The maidens reclining before him gaze in rapture as long as they dare. When the time comes for another class, they lean affetionately over him, trying to make up their minds to leave him --and it may be, after all, they cut the class just to stay with him.

His one treacherous habit must be confessed: if they become too intimate, he may snatch at their hair and obliqe them to appear next day with a Castle clip. But apart from this one bad trick (of which we hope to break him soon) -- for all his other dearnesses--we passionately love our little electric fan!

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This is something I saw on a page in the MIT paper. Dec 27, 1919

Payments for Second Term

Students are strongly advised to make payments BY MAIL. Avoid waiting in line, by mailing check for $86.00 to H.S. Ford, Bursar, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge Mass., BEFORE January 5, 1920.

$86, eh? I wonder how much that is in 2003 dollars? UPDATE: $762.77, according to this inflation calculator. Thanks, Tom!

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