Tuesday, June 10, 2003  [!]
Chalk it up to something in the ocean called "Pacific Decadal Oscillation." And since this is Love JPL Day here at 2020Hindsight, there IS a JPL connection. Those smart boys n girls on the hill study the ocean, they do.

"We're going back to the phase where the ocean is cooler, so we're getting less rain, cooler weather and more fog,' said JPL oceanographer Bill Patzert.

"On average we're going to be one to three degrees below normal in terms of temperature (this summer), and if it's true to form, the 'June gloom' will linger into July and maybe even some days in August,' Patzert said.

Well, I'll save some bucks during air-conditioner season.

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mer spirit launch:

Liftoff! Happened minutes ago (Nope, wasn't watching webcast or anything). [Later] Launch day videos

I did tune into the webcast, and eventually the stream stopped timing out and started to play, dammit. Saw a re-rebroadcast of the launch, and flight control for all the burns and engine cutoffs and separation of spacecraft. Then NASA TV transferred to JPL's spacecraft control room as the spacecraft was 'acquired' (receiving transmission from the spacecraft itself) - lots of clapping and whoops in that room. Way to go! Lookin' mighty nominal (i.e., as expected, perfect) and that's just great.

mer spirit launch srb letgo: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/030610/161/4csh6.html
Looking down the stage 1 rocket as the solid rocket boosters begin to let go.

On the phone with Himself, Doc M,. at JPL (He watched the launch from a TV feed set up in JPL's cafeteria), I asked,

"So, can you get me onto the lab on January 4th [Landing]?"
"I don't know if *I'll* be on the lab that day."
"When Pathfinder landed, they told us not to come in."
"What, they gave everyone a day off that day?"
"It was for media only."
"So where can we go to see it? I wanna try to get in and see the landing."
"Maybe at the Planetary Society's auditorium."
"Aaah! Cool."
"Well, I gotta get back to work."
"All rightie then! Have a nominal day!"

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